Flooring Systems

Internal Flooring, External Flooring, Food Production Flooring, Over Tile Flooring/Coating, Car Park Flooring.

As a DISTRIBUTOR of one of the leading worldwide polyurethane manufacturers, Safeguard Chemicals has the advantage of sophisticated FLOORING, WATEPROOFING & COATING SYSTEMS.

We boast the latest technologies & standards in Polyurethane Flooring, Waterproofing & Coatings. Visit www.marispolymers.com for a full understanding of the Flooring Systems.

Our Polyurethane Flooring Systems are used in:

  • New buildings and renovations
  • Car parking areas
  • Show rooms
  • External and Internal Pedestrian Decks
  • Storage rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Factories, etc.

Polyurethane Flooring Applications

The MARIPUR® 7000 Flooring System is mainly used as a primer for polyurethane floor coatings on absorbent surfaces like:

  • Concrete
  • Cement screed
  • Wood, etc.

The MARIPUR® 7100 Flooring System is mainly used on concrete floors, on interior surfaces. Due to its long lasting unchangeable properties is widely used for:

  • Car repair garages
  • Car parking areas
  • Warehouses
  • Storage rooms
  • Factories
  • Animal breading farms
  • Cold storage rooms (Freezers), etc.

Maripur 7200

The MARIPUR® 7200 is a colored, one component, highly durable, aliphatic polyurethane thin-layer floor coating. The MARIPUR® 7200 is specially designed for use as a floor coating in external surfaces & concrete floors.

Advantages of The Polyurethane Flooring Systems:

  • It provides high mechanical strength
  • It has high abrasion and chemical resistance
  • It is color stable
  • UV-stable
  • Weather-stable so it can withstand the battering of the elements when applied outside
  • Unique curing system (moisture triggered)
  • Does not react with moisture (moisture-cured) and therefore does not form bubbles or blisters when applied in higher thicknesses.

Floor coating is often underestimated. The surfacing and flooring must consider the following capabilities for manufacturing & production facilities in particular. We boast our Flooring Systems to be:

  • Highly durable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Hard-elastic
  • Anti skid
  • Aesthetic surface
  • Capable of withstanding long term vehicular traffic

Advantages of our flooring, waterproofing & coating systems

  • Simple application (roller or airless spray)
  • Tyre-marks do not stay on the coating easily, and if so are easy to be removed
  • Decorative
  • Resistant to constant, heavy abrasion and wear conditions
  • Resistant to water, heat and frost
  • When applied does not absorb liquids or dirt
  • Stops the creation of dust
  • Gives a glossy and easy-to-clean surface
  • Maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -20°C to +90°C
  • Provides excellent adhesion to almost any type of surfac
  • Can be used for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Resistant to detergents, oils, fuels and seawater
  • Over 20 years of positive feedback worldwide

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