Stormdry® Masonry Protection Cream is a deeply penetrating water-repellent silicone cream for the protection of masonry. The thick, white cream is ready to use and applied by brush, roller or airless spray. It penetrates into brickwork, masonry, mortar and concrete, where it will cure to a colourless, natural finish, lasting for over 25 years. Stormdry® Cream can help improve the energy efficiency of dwellings by reducing heat loss.


  • Deeply penetrating
  • Single coat application
  • Breathable
  • Durable – Agrément Certified to last 25 years
  • Verified by the Energy Saving Trust


Appearance Thick, white cream Thick, white cream 0.86 g/cm3 Size(s) & Packaging 1 litre metal tin, 3, 5 and 20 litre plasticbuckets Coverage 5 m2 per litre (single coat application) Penetration 12 mm on Fletton brick Service Life 25 year BBA accreditation Storage Store in a cool, well ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed. Protect from frost Shelf Life 18 months (12 months for 20 litre)

Application Information


Stormdry® Cream should be applied to dry, porous surfaces. It should not be applied over sealed or painted surfaces
and is intended for above ground use only. Apply when rain is not forecast for the next 24 hours. Minimum application temperature is 5 ºC, Stormdry should not be applied if temperatures are forecast to drop below this temperature.

For the treatment to be successful it is necessary to check all joint and roof connections. Hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm can be ‘bridged’ by Stormdry® Cream. It may be necessary to fill wider cracks in brick/stonework and repoint using a suitable cement or lime based mortar incorporating Stormdry® Repointing Additive No.1. After any repointing work, it is advisable to wait an appropriate amount of time to allow the mortar to cure before applying Stormdry® Cream. For cement mortars this is typically 7 – 14 days, whereas for natural lime mortars this may be several weeks to months.

Stormdry® XR-Mortar can be used to seal cracks in masonry and patch repair small areas of damaged pointing, wait at least 4 hours before the application of Stormdry® Cream.

If required, Stormdry® CB-Coat can be used as a top coat when multiple fine cracking is seen on the wall surface.

Dirty surfaces should be cleaned before the application of Stormdry® Cream to the recommendations given in BS 8221- 1:2000, “Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings. Cleaning of natural stones, brick, terracotta and concrete.”

Remove any loose mortar, dust etc., using a masonry brush. When biological growth needs to be removed, apply Soluguard® Multi-Surface Biocide in accordance with instructions.

Application to structures containing high levels of salt should be avoided.

Test Area

Stormdry® Cream has been formulated to be colourless once cured. Slight darkening may occur when it is applied to some substrates, which will usually fade over time, but a small test area should be conducted prior to application to determine compatibility with the intended substrate.


Stormdry® Cream has been shown to be effective on common masonry materials including clay bricks, various sandstones, sand-based mortars and dense concrete blocks. Details of substrate compatibility and performance are available on request from our technical department.

A small proportion of masonry materials are unsuitable for treatment due to their particular surface chemistry. These
include pure limestone and some types of lower density nonfacing concrete blocks which are generally used for internal wall construction. Safeguard are able to offer alternative treatments suitable for these materials.

Always try a test area first to determine suitability of the substrate. Stormdry® Gauges are available for this purpose,please contact us for further advice.


Apply by brush, roller or spray. Larger areas can be covered more quickly using roller application. Details such as around windows are best covered by brush. Care should be taken to ensure that Stormdry® Cream does not splash onto glass, paintwork, patios, plants, etc. Any splashes should be cleaned away with warm soapy water to avoid staining. After application, tools should be cleaned immediately with warm, soapy water.

Stormdry® Cream appears white immediately after treatment,making it easy to tell which areas have been treated. After 15 – 20 minutes from application the cream starts to penetrate into the masonry and the whiteness will fade over time. After 24 – 48 hours the wall will have returned to its original appearance, there may be some slight darkening which will fade over time.

The masonry will generally be resistant to light rain after 2 – 4hours. As Stormdry® Cream is formulated to penetrate deeply into masonry it can take up to two months for a noticeable “beading effect” to appear when rainfall strikes the wall.

Post Application

A Stormdry® Gauge can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment. The test should be carried out
at least 28 days after applying Stormdry® Cream which allows the water absorption of the wall before and after treatment to be compared.

Stormdry® Cream can be over-painted with water-based masonry paint, provided this is done within 3 – 10 days of application. After this time, a solvent based paint can be Untreated Stormdry® applied. It is advisable that a test is carried out in a small area prior to full application to determine product compatibility.

Other Information

Stormdry® Cream an be used to protect cavity wall insulation from the effects of penetrating damp. It is recommended to
apply Stormdry® Cream before installing cavity wall insulation. In cases of CWI failure damp insulation should be removed. The breathable nature of Stormdry® Cream will allow any residual dampness from the wall to dry out.

Safeguard Europe Ltd does not warrant specific performance results or compatibility with products not included in the Stormdry® System specification.

For health and safety information see the Safety Datasheet (available upon request).

Stormdry® Cream is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management systems.

Stormdry® Cream is non-hazardous to the environment.

Keep out of reach of children and animals. Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated surfaces until dry.



VAT: 153.91




The first step to solving any moisture problem in materials is to correctly identify the location and extent of the issue. The Dryzone Moisture Meter gives a reliable and accurate picture of the extent of the damp issues in wood and masonry that a visual inspection cannot match.
This professional standard instrument comes pre-calibrated from the factory for accuracy and ease of use. It has both a ‘Wood’ mode and ‘Building’ mode for identifying the moisture content of a wide variety of materials.

23cmx23cm x 22cm

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