• Simple application
  • Excellent anchoring to the surface.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Resistant to water.
  • Provides high tensile and impact strength.
  • Provides strong vapor barrier properties.


The MARISEAL 750 is mainly used as a primer for polyurethane coatings. It can be used on surfaces like:

  • Concrete
  • Metal (various)
  • Wood
  • Asphalt


250-300 gr/m2 in one layer. These consumptions are based on practical application by roller and trowel onto a smooth surface in optimum conditions. Factors like surface porosity, temperature, humidity, application method and finish required can alter consumption.

Technical data

PROPERTY RESULTS TEST METHOD Composition Epoxy resin + Hardener Mixing Ratio A : B = 100 : 60 by weight

Solid content 100% CALCULATED Resistance to Water Pressure No Leak (1m water column, 24h) DIN 1928, Test A Adhesion to concrete >2,2 N/mm 2 (Concrete failure) ASTM D 903 Hardness (Shore A Scale) >95 ASTM D 2240 Application Temperature 12C to 35C Conditions: 20C, 50% RH Pot Life 40 min Conditions: 20C, 50% RH Tack Free Time 6 hours Conditions: 20C, 50% RH Light Pedestrian Traffic Time 12 hours Conditions: 20C, 50% RH Final Curing time 7 days Conditions: 20C, 50% RH


Surface Preparation

Careful surface preparation is essential for optimum finish and durability.
The surface needs to be grinded with a stone- or a diamond-grinding machine. The surface needs to be clean, dry and sound, free of any contamination, which may harmfully affect the adhesion of the coating. Maximum moisture content should not exceed 5%. New concrete structures need to dry for at least 28 days. Old coatings, dirt, fats, oils, organic substances and dust need to be removed by a grinding machine. Possible surface irregularities need to be smoothened. Any loose surface pieces and grinding dust need to be thoroughly removed.
WARNING: Do not wash surface with water!

Repair of cracks:
Clean cracks and hairline cracks, of dust, residue or other contamination. Fill all cracks or holes with suitable putty. The next day smoothen the putty surface with a sandpaper or a mechanical grinder.


MARISEAL 750 Component A and Component B should be mixed by low speed mechanical stirrer, according to the stipulated mixing ratio, for about 3-5 min.
ATTENTION: The mixing of the components has to be effected very thoroughly, especially on the walls and bottom of the pail until the mixture becomes fully homogeneous.


Apply the MARISEAL® 750 A+B mixture by roller or brush, until the surface to be primed, is covered.
After 12 hours (not later than 18 hours) and while the primer is still a bit soft, apply the polyurethane coating.

ATTENTION: Please ensure consumption within the Pot Life.
WARNING: Do not apply the MARISEAL® 750, at ambient and ground temperatures under 10C.

For best results, the temperature during application and cure should be between 12C and 35C. Low temperatures retard cure while high temperature speed up curing. High humidity may affect the final finish.


MARISEAL 750 A+B is supplied in 4+2,4kg pails. Pails should be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 9 months. Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: 5-30C. Products should remain in their original, unopened containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product designation, batch number and application precaution labels.

Safety measures

MARISEAL 750 Α contains epoxy resins. MARISEAL® 750 Β contains amines. See information supplied by the manufacturer. Please study the Safety Data sheet.

Mariseal 750 primer


8+4 L

MARISEAL 750 is a transparent, rigid, two component epoxy solvent-free primer. Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components.

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