25litreQUANTITY: 25litre

VAT: 106.17


QUANTITY: 5litre

VAT: 24.39

SG Bonding Liquid



Package and Weight:
5L = 5kg
25L = 25kg

SG Bondaid Liquid – Ready to use. Bonding Liquid is a styrene-butadiene rubber
latex (SBR) which has been specifically designed
for use with cement compositions and as a
primer to improve bonding. When incorporated
into cement mortar mixes it forms polymer
modified systems which exhibit excellent
adhesion, improved tensile and flexural strength,
as well as resistance to water and water vapour.
Bonding Liquid mixes are non-toxic and can be
used with potable water.

Improves adhesion of slurry coats and
sand/cement mixes
Increases resistance to salt efflorescence
Improves workability
Increases flexibility of cement-based materials
Enhances response to thermal movements

5L – 13cmx 18cm x 28cm
25L – 25m x 29cm x 48cm

Pack Size:
5L – Drum
25L – Drum

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