Waterproofing Products

The term Waterproofing covers a multitude of differing conditions, but is usually used to describe efforts to prevent moisture ingress through roofs and the vertical and horizontal surfaces of a building above ground level. Pitched roofs, flat roofs, balconies, patios, window frames, door frames, parapet walls, soffits and many other areas require protection to prevent moisture ingress which can adversely affect both external and internal surfaces. Various types of products are available to provide waterproofing to:

Acryl Fibre

Safeguard specialise in Acryl Fibre is a fibre re-inforced waterproof acrylic which serves much the same purpose as a waterproof acrylic with a membrane.



Acryl Seal is a liquid-applied waterproofing acrylic usually re-inforced with an acrylic membrane to provide a seamless waterproofing system.


Flexseal is a multi-purpose, acrylic-based emulsion, which is mixed with portland cement and applied in conjunction with flexseal membrane.

Rapid Setting Plug

Rapid Setting Plug is a rapid setting, plugging mortar supplied in powder form. It is a blend of activating chemicals, cement and high grade silica aggregates.

SWS SafeCrete

SWS SafeCrete is a cement-based waterproofing coating, used for sealing and protecting structures exposed to penetrating damp.

Torch-on Membrane

Torch-on membrane has been one of the most successful waterproofing products for the protection of flat roofs, balconies and even subterranean walls.

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