Root Barrier Membrane

Root Barrier is for green roof construction. 

Protection of a roofs waterproof layer from roots in Green Roof applications is important for the longevity of the roof system. If the waterproof layer doesn’t already have root resistant qualities then a root barrier should be introduced. In these situations Safeguard Root Barrier can be installed on top of the primary waterproofing system to provide a suitable root barrier.
In addition to providing a root barrier layer for green roofs, Safeguard Root Barrier can also be used to provide efficient protection against invasive root growth for urban infrastructures - e.g. piping,pavements, paved areas, roads, water and sewage networks, cabling etc...
  • Based on a DuPontTM Xavan® fabric with an impenetrable, smooth green coating on one side
  • Efficiently prevents rhizome propagation
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Rot-resistant in soil
  • Completely recyclable (100% Polypropylene)
Roll Size
Safeguard Root Barrier is cut from 2 metre wide rolls and sold in 1 metre lengths - i.e. each metre section measures 2 square metres. A full roll measures 2x25m (50m2)
Safeguard Root Barrier should be stored out of direct sunlight. It should be covered with subsequent
green roof layers as soon as possible after laying (maximum two weeks) to protect against ultra-violet

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