Bondaid Plus

A Water-resistant additive and bonding agent for cement systems.
Bondaid Plus is a styrene butadiene copolymer latex which has been specifically designed for use with cement compositions. When incorporated into cement mortar mixes it forms polymer-modified systems which exhibit excellent adhesion, improved tensile, flexural and compressive strengths, as well as resistance to water and water vapour. Bondaid Plus mixes are non-toxic and can be used with potable water.
  • Improves adhesion of slurry coats and sand/cement mixes
  • Increases resistance to salt efflorescence
  • Reduces water loss from mixes in which it is used
  • Improves workability
  • Increases flexibility of cement-based materials
  • Enhances response to thermal movements
Bondaid Plus is a very versatile material which when incorporated into modified mixes maybe used for repairing floors, beams, pre-cast slabs, spalled concrete, bedding tiles, abrasion-resistant flooring, lining effluent tanks and ducts. Naturally it is also used in structural waterproofing above and below ground and is also used to form a water and vapour-resistant bonding coat prior to the application of cementitious slurry coats, renders, plasters or screeds.
Prior to the application of Bondaid Plus either in the form of a primer coat, slurry coat or modified mix, the substrate surface must be fully prepared. Any exposed reinforcing steel must be clean and free from grease, oil scale and rust. If being used to repair spalled or damaged concrete, ensure background is cut back to sound material.
Bondaid Plus may be used as a concentrated material or diluted with water at varying rates depending upon its intended use. When used with Latseal, mix 1 part Bondaid Plus with 4 parts clean water and use 6- 8 litres of the resulting mixture with every 25kg bag of Latseal. If used in the gauging water of a sand and cement mix, the excellent plasticising properties of Bondaid Plus will mean that less water is required. Add any further water cautiously as rapid thinning can occur. 
Typical properties of Bondaid Plus modified cement and sand mix in the proportions of three parts sand to one part cement with bonding agent incorporated in its concentrated form:
  • Compressive strength: 69N/mm²
  • Flexural strength: 13N/mm³
  • Tensile strength: 6.5N/mm²
  • Water vapour permeability: reduced by 96%
  • Adhesion: Excellent to concrete, steel, brick, glass etc.
  • Chemical resistance: resists mild acids, alkalis, sulphates, chlorides, urine, dung, lactic acid, sugar etc.
  • Shrinkage during cure: 0.01%
  • Resistance to water under pressure – 30 metre head: Excellent, no water penetration.
Effect on Colour
Bondaid Plus modified mixes may be slightly darker than corresponding un-modified mixes.
Cleaning of Tools and Equipment
All tools should be cleaned immediately after use using water. Solvents such as White Spirit or Toluene can be useful in removing hardened mortar.

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