VANDEX BB 75 is a cementitious, ready-mixed surface waterproofer.
Grey waterproofing slurry
  • against active or passive water pressure
  • for concrete and masonry
  • efflorescence-free
  • applicable by spray equipment
VANDEX BB 75 is a cementitious, ready-mixed surface waterproofer.
  • Substrates: concrete and masonry
  • active or passive waterproofing and protection against water and moisture
  • foundations, slabs, retaining walls, etc.
  • drinking water structures
Owing to its composition of cement, quartz with graded grain-size distribution and selected additives, VANDEX BB75 is waterproof. It can be employed against active and passive water pressures. The initial and final bonding capability of VANDEX BB 75 is excellent, making it suitable to be applied to horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. It is durable, resistant to frost and heat after setting, but all the same permeable to vapour. VANDEX BB 75 is tested for use
in contact with drinking water.
The substrate to be treated must be sound and even, openpored, roughened and its surface free from voids, large cracks or ridges. Any adhesion reducing substances like bitumen, oil, grease, remains of paint or laitance must be removed by suitable means. Water leaks must be stopped e.g. with VANDEX PLUG. Thoroughly moisten the substrate it must be damp but not wet at the time of application. Any surface water on horizontal surfaces must be removed.
Brick- and blockwork substrates 
Any remaining plaster, render or other substances that could inhibit bonding must be removed back to the substrate. Gypsum, remains of wood or other foreign material must be removed by appropriate means. Loose pointing must be routed out and the substrate cleaned thoroughly.
Mix 25 kg of VANDEX with 4.5–6 litres of tap water in a clean container for at least 3 minutes to a lump-free, homogeneous consistency. Use a mechanical mixer.
VANDEX BB 75 is applied with brush, trowel or suitable spray equipment. A maximum of 2 mm (approx. 4 kg/m²) can be applied in one working cycle. In most cases the application of more than one coat is recommended; please refer to relevant specification. It is recommended to apply the next coat whilst the previous coat is still damp on the surface. The previous coat must not be damaged during application of the following coat. The waiting time before applying the following coat depends on local climatic conditions such as humidity, temperature, etc. The previous coat is textured by suitable means whilst still plastic to form a key. To maintain workability of the material do not add water, simply re-stir the mixture. Brush application
Ensure that all cavities in the substrate are filled. 
Trowel application
First a scratch coat is applied for maximum adhesion to the substrate, working from the bottom up. Ensure that all cavities in the substrate are filled in order to exclude any trapped
Spray application
VANDEX BB 75 can be applied with a suitable fine mortar spraying device. For maximum spray pattern it should be possible to adjust volume of product as well as air pressure and volume. The nozzle diameter is approx. 6 mm.The first layer of Vandex is applied in a circular motion with the spray nozzle held at a 90° angle to the substrate. The material is then flattened and keyed. The final layer can be left as a spray finish or treated to a specified finish.
Do not apply at temperatures below +5 °C, or to a frozen substrate.
The information contained herein is based on our long-term experience and the best of our knowledge. We can, however, make no guarantee since for a successful outcome, all circumstances in an individual case must be taken into consideration. Indications of quantities required are only averages which in certain cases might be greater.
Type of water impact.
Recommended overall application rate
Total layer thickness(approx.)
Pressureless water 3–4 kg/m² 1.5–2 mm
Water under pressure 4–6 kg/m² depending on water pressure 2–3 mm
Note: Substrate and application conditions have to be observed. Depending on surface roughness, consumption may vary.
Keep damp for at least 5 days and provide suitable protection against extreme weather conditions (e.g. sun, wind, frost) while setting. The freshly treated surfaces should be protected from rain for a minimum period of 24 h.
Surfaces treated with Vandex products which are to be coated or painted should be left to cure for at least 28 days. When a plaster or render finish is required on top of a Vandex treatment it is essential to apply a rough cast of sand and cement on the final Vandex coat while it is still tacky. On hardened Vandex surfaces apply an appropriate bonding agent before rendering. Coatings on top of a Vandex treatment have to be alkali resistant. Decorative coatings applied on the passive water pressure side are recommended to be water vapour permeable.
25 kg PE-lined paper bag
When stored in a dry place in unopened, undamaged original packaging, shelf life is 12 months.
VANDEX BB 75 contains cement. Irritating to skin. Risk of serious damage to eyes. – Keep out of reach of children. Do not breathe dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection. – 
Appearance grey powder. 
VANDEX BB 75 is not a decorative material.
Density of wet mix [kg/l] approx. 2.0
Workability at 20 °C [min] approx. 45
Setting time at 20 °C [h] approx. 5–8
Compressive strength 28 d [MPa] approx. 40
Bending tensile strength 28 d [MPa] approx. 6
Static modulus of elasticity 28 d [GPa] approx. 28
Capillary absorption [kg/m²•h 0.5] 0.06
Further data refer to CE marking
All data is averaged from several tests under laboratory conditions. In practice, climatic variations such as temperature, humidity, and porosity of substrate mayaffect these values.

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